Valencia's gastronomy is rich and varied. It is home of the Paella - a rice dish and fideua, a fishermen created dish very similar to paella but made with noodles instead of rice.

Rice is a popular ingredient that's also used in other local dishes such as Arroz al Horno (rice with beans, sausage and potatoes,) and Arroz Negra (black rice made with squid and cuttlefish ink.) Valencia's proximity to the sea allows for the freshest seafood and other fresh ingredients associated commonly with Mediterranean cuisine. Another dish unique to Spain is Tapas, which can be munched on at a bar with your drink, or constitute a full meal at a restaurant.

Besides the many decadent dishes, Valencia is home to many refreshing beverages as well. Orxata (in Spanish horchata), is a soft drink made with tigernuts, water and sugar. For a stronger drink, one can choose between Agua de Valencia, a cocktail made with Cava (Spanish sparkling wine,) orange juice, vodka and gin, or some local Sangria.
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